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Introduction ^ History


Since its opening in 1983, Kichijoji Language School has been constantly striving to create the best learning opportunities for students, including detailed guidance that pays close attention to each student, experienced teachers, and a fulfilling curriculum. In April 2021, we moved to Mitaka and restarted with a new goal which is specializing in small-group or face-to-face lessons and online lessons. We have students who are willing to learn Japanese language and culture from all over the world. Some of them learn daily conversation to live in Japan, some are trainees from companies or government offices, some take private lessons after working, some want to experience Japan when they visit Japan during short holidays, and some take special courses in order to prepare for JLPT. Wefd like to help you make your dreams come true with our students who have different goals and cultures together at KLS.




School founded.



May 8th established as Kichijoji Nihongo Gakuen Limited.*



Recognized as a member - The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language.**



Fulfilled standards for Japanese language educational institutions as set by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education*** and accepted as a supporting member of that institution.



May 8th, 25th anniversary of Kichijoji Nihongo Gakuen Limited.



May 8th, 30th anniversary of Kichijoji Nihongo Gakuen Limited.

Notes :


In 1983 started as Kichijoji Language School. Since 1990 May 8th, established as g Kichijoji Nihongo Gakuen Limted.h


Established with the aim to further Japanese language education and research, and to contribute to international understanding and academic exchange.@Officially recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education in March 1977.


Established in 1989 as a voluntary association dedicated to raising the quality of Japanese language educational institutions for non-Japanese. Authorized as a non-profit corporation in February 1990 by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice, and in November 1990, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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