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Group Class

● Term

January / April / July / October

An interview and a small test of Japanese proficiency are required before enrollment. Those who are willing to enroll should call or email to make an appointment. Please contact our school for details.

● Class Hours

・Monday to Friday, daily
・Morning: 09:30 - 12:20 or Afternoon: 13:30 - 16:20

● Levels

Group lessons are divided into the following levels.


To learn basic grammar and practice using. Attain the minimum level of Japanese required for daily life and business field. Also to learn Hiragana*, Katakana**, and Kanji***.
<reading and writing expanded to 300 Kanji>


With consolidating the grammatical knowledge gained at introductory and basic levels, to become able to express oneself appropriately for different communication purposes in different situations while developing a good understanding of Japanese culture and customs.
<reading and writing expanded to 500 Kanji>


To develop the Japanese communication skills necessary to express oneself effectively as well as naturally according to the situation. In addition, to enrich Japanese writing skills through exposure various types of written Japanese.
<reading and writing expanded to 1,000 Kanji>


To achieve the level of all-round proficiency in Japanese required to understand writings about social themes and to express one’s opinions about them in Japanese. In addition, a practical curriculum will be set according to the purpose of learning, and practice will be done to improve communication skills by appropriately using the acquired Japanese.
<reading and writing expanded to 1,500 Kanji>

*Hiragana :
The basic alphabet needed to understand most ideas and grammar.

**Katakana :
The foreign word alphabet needed to discuss many western activities or ideas.

***Kanji :
Chinese characters needed to understand the meaning of written, and often, spoken Japanese.


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