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Messages from Graduates

Stephen Taylor
Name Nguyen Thi Cam Ly
Country Vietnam
Occupation Housewife
When I came to Japan, I did not understand Japanese at all. So, I went to KLS near my house. KLS treated me very kindly, so I was able to be relieved. My class had the students from many countries, and I spent a wonderful student life I have never experienced. All KLS teachers and clerks are very kind, and the school had a family-like atmosphere, so I really like that. Now, I am working with Japanese people, but thanks to studying Japanese in KLS, I am enjoying my life. Lastly, I really appreciate KLS teachers and clerks so much.
Choi Go Eun
Name Kuo Yun-Yeh
Country Taiwan
Occupation Officeworker(Uzabase)
I have studied at KLS for one year. At the beginning, I could not even speak the daily conversation, but now I was able to get a job. The key point is that the way of teaching by KLS teachers is interesting and easy to understand. I could obtain the Japanese ability gradually while I was “playing” rather than “studying”. KLS gave me a lot of advice on job hunting and helped me a lot. KLS is the best school to study Japanese!!
Ni Made Sawitri
Name Kim Jung Yeop
Country Korea
Occupation College student
In many cases, we, foreigners can understand the Japanese grammar in the head, but we use a strange Japanese which Japanese people don’t use because being influenced by our mother tongue when we speak. We can solve this problem to be corrected only by Japanese people. KLS not only teaches with the textbooks but also corrects the mistakes in the composition and homeworks, and helps us to learn native Japanese. However, I think that studying the language is “Multiply”, so if the student makes no effort, there will be no achievement. Why don’t you study hard with brilliant teachers and in the good environment? You can get the achievements as much as you make efforts, and you can enjoy your studying at KLS.
Ank Agung Ayu Sri Purnama Dewi
Name Zazimko Alexey
Country Russia
Vocational school student(Nakano School of Business)
When I came to Japan in 2012, I entered Intermediate class in this school. This class is the biggest, and I was able to meet many interesting friends there. In the second year, I entered Advanced class. Teachers answered any kinds of questions we asked kindly and politely. Also, the lessons taught not only the knowledge of Japanese but also many things in various aspects, such as Japanese culture, politics, economy and so on. When I have graduated from KLS, I was able to understand Japan at a deep level. I really appreciate KLS teachers.
Mario Reyes
Name Shrestha Rupa
Country Nepal
Occupation Office worker (Human system)
I love KLS so much. KLS has a friendly and family-like atmosphere for me. KLS teachers always have a big smile, so I was able to concentrate on my study. When I entered KLS, I was not able to speak Japanese at all, but KLS teachers’ lessons are easy to understand. Besides that, even though I asked questions so many times, the teachers always explained kindly, patiently and in detail. These teachers gave me a wonderful advice about not only studying but also the problems I had at that time. Today, I was able to speak Japanese and became happy and comfortable. After I have graduated from KLS, I entered the vocational school I really want to go. Now, I have graduated from this vocational school, I would like to spend a wonderful life as I work in Japan from now on.
Tracy Cox
Name Kyle Sebastian
Country Philippines
Occupation University student(Tokyo Christian University)
If you study in KLS, I think your Japanese will improve tremendously. The teachers are kind and fun, so studying won't be hard. On top of that, you can make friends from different cultures, and it's in kichijoji the number 1 place Japanese want to live in! You can't go wrong with KLS.  I have a hard time studying, but because of the teachers' support, I was able to comprehend even the hardest concepts of Japanese. Classes are small, so you will be able to get quality education. I think it's better than other language schools, and you will improve faster with KLS! It's not just studying, it's a cultural experience.
Mario Reyes
Name Di Xinshi
Country China
Occupation Graduate student(Bunka Fashion Graduate University)
I have made a lot of good memories at KLS! I enjoyed Japanese culture, such as photo contest, cool ourselves in the evening, climb mountains, trip to Kamakura and Enoshima, and so on. I always remember cameramania president and teachers working hard for students like yesterday. When I just came to Japan, I could not speak Japanese, and I was worried about the choice of college. KLS teachers always corrected mistakes in my Japanese patiently. Thanks to teachers, I was able to enter the graduate school I want to go. Right now, I am absorbed in studying fashion. I feel that I am closing to my dream step by step every day. Thank you, KLS!!
Tracy Cox
Name Bacchus Elsa
Country France
Occupation Oil Engineer(INPEX)
When I came to KLS for the first time, it was 2013. At that point, I have already studied Japanese a little in London, so I began from Basic Level at KLS. I have studied hard every day for 15 months. Thanks to teachers and classmates, my Japanese skill leveled up to N1 as a result, and I was able to build up long relationships with classmates, and finally I was able to get the job. KLS is a family-like and enjoyable school. Its way of teaching is very vivid. These make students studying hard. I still remember the good memories, and really thank KLS so much.

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